Pre-harvest Walk 2023

Block data is king when it comes to harvest targets and we have all the tools to help you succeed.

The importance of block data and using that data to achieve harvest targets was the hot topic on APAL’s Harvest Series Future Orchards® Walk in WA, which was hosted by Terry, Basil and Mark Martella of Kirup early this year.

A standout was the Santa Rita Orchard team’s use of data in near real-time for informed and effective decision-making; desired yields were reached through their use of previous block performance to set targets.

The orchard walk focused on three blocks: Lady in Red, Pink Lady and Bravo. Each of these blocks had different targets and challenges to achieve and overcome. Future Orchards® AgFirst consultant Jonathan Brookes stressed the role of crop load in managing vigour: “Crop is the only tool you get paid for, everything else you pay for.”

“ The role of crop load in managing vigour? "Crop is the only tool you get paid for, everything else you pay for.  
— Future Orchards® AgFirst consultant Jonathan Brookes
Growers were asked to review their block performance against targets set early in the season and think about what, if anything, they might change next season. Tools from the OrchardNet® Program (profit report, production report and winter pruning report) were used to assess the performance of each block visited.

OrchardNet® is available to all growers to help analyse, benchmark and manage productivity analysis, crop estimation, pruning and thinning reports, industry benchmarking, irrigation management and soil and crop nutrition management.

Everyone enjoyed the afternoon, which finished off with a sundowner and a great opportunity to talk about the upcoming harvest season. Thank you to Mark, Basil and Terry Martella for hosting the Future Orchards®walk. It was great to see APAL’s Variety Development Manager Tom Frankcomb and Publications Manager Alison Barber here in WA, and thank you to Jonathan Brookes from Future Orchards ® AgFirst team who made his first visit to WA.

Also thank you to everyone who attended the walk. We hope the ideas discussed will help improve orchard productivity and profitability. We look forward to seeing you all at the next Future Orchards® walk in winter 2023.



Contact Susie Murphy White, Front Line Advisor for APAL’s Future Orchards® on 0429 413 420  or