STONEFRUITcontactsStonefruit Sub-Committee Danny Di Marco, Chair e: Michael Fernie e: Anthony Caccetta e: Mark Scott e: Sebastian Fiolo e: Mick Padula e:David Broadhurst, Manager, Sustainable Agriculture e: t: (08) 9374 3333APC fee for service charge Stone fruit effective from 1 November 2009Type of fruit $/kgAll fresh stone fruit (apricots, cherries, loquats, nectarines, peaches and plums)0.015Processing fruit 0.006 about Stonefruit WA is the industry body representing stone fruit growers in Western Australia. The Stonefruit WA Sub-committee consists of growers from across the growing regions who contribute to initiatives to grow the WA stone fruit industry.newsFor any future enquiries or to subscribe to the WA Stonefruit newsletter, please email david.broadhurst@perthnrm.comFOLLOW WA STONEFRUIT @wastonefruit @WeLoveWAStonefruit