vegetablesWAPresident’s ReportBY DAN KUZMICICH
Challenges are afoot, but with collaboration, hard work and dedication we will grow and thrive as an industry.To members, stakeholders and industry colleagues, I hope this message finds you well. On behalf of vegetablesWA, I would like to acknowledge and thank each and every one of you for your ongoing support and contribution to our organisation and the horticulture industry in Western Australia.

As we reflect on the year that has passed, I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and were able to spend time with loved ones. I also hope that you were able to rest and recharge for the new year ahead.

In regards to this year, I would like to wish you all prosperous and successful seasons. We know that the horticulture industry faces its challenges. However, with hard work and dedication, I am confident that we will overcome them and continue to grow and thrive as an industry.

… We know that the horticulture industry faces its challenges… I am confident that we will overcome them and continue to grow and thrive as an industry.I would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and welcome the new Minister for Agriculture and Food, Forestry and Small Business, the Hon Jackie Jarvis MLC. I am confident that with her leadership and support, we will be able to continue to advance the interests of our industry.

One of the major challenges we are facing as an industry is the sustainability of Audit Costs for Freshcare in Carnarvon. vegetablesWA and the Carnarvon Growers Association are actively collaborating to find a solution that will work for our members. Additionally, transport costs in Carnarvon have consistently increased with the added burden of fuel levies, making it increasingly difficult for growers to remain viable. With wholesale prices for vegetables at a minimum compared to retail prices, this has created an environment in which growers are facing significant financial strain.

Despite these challenges, growers in the North and Mid-West of the state are preparing the ground for the upcoming season, while growers in the Metro and Southwest regions are well into the harvest season for 2023.

I would like to wish all growers the best of luck for the season ahead. Once again, thank you for your support and commitment to vegetablesWA. I look forward to working with each and every one of you in the coming year.


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