updateIndustry MOVESWith key learnings on biosecurity, climate and future farming from the APC annual meeting and the West Australian Horticulture Update, we are ready for 2024. Words Joseph Ling, committee chair A FLURRY of cross industry events wrapped up our season this year. Starting with the annual APC meeting with many produce committee representatives present and the new commissioners. This year’s meeting featured case studies of industry resilience related to biosecurity and climatic events. They will form a good springboard for our citrus producer committee as it moves our citrus biosecurity framework to the next stage. Next was the intensive two-day WAHU (WA Horticulture Update) with speakers and a trade show of 42 exhibitors. There were exciting topics from the paddock through the supply chain. WA Citrus supported three businesses to attend. Highlights were: Moora Citrus and Northern Valley Packers “The networking with eastern states trade show exhibitors was good.” Daniel Ying, Agrifresh “Networking with WA growers and packshed equipment suppliers was the highlight.” “ Networking with other WA growers and packshed equipment suppliers was the highlight  – Daniel Ying of Agrifresh on WAHUDavid Morcombe, Ambrosia Orchards He enjoyed “updates from various projects, such as irrigation and the presentation about simple low-cost solutions for small businesses (Digital Manufacturing on a Shoestring). The work of WA Citrus on ‘protected citrus’ also featured in one of the videos produced by DPIRD (Enhancing Product Quality Through Industry Led Research). Other updates included: carbon; artificial intelligence in food production; a panel discussion on irradiation; and cutting-edge tractors. Lastly, the Citrus Australia WA regional forum and social event heard news about markets, labour, government policy and sustainability. And if you haven’t already booked for the Australian Citrus Congress (staged in March 2024), then do so now. MORE INFORMATION Joseph LIng 0417 828 238; Bronwyn Walsh 0400 873 875. Shoestring: https://www.agric. wa.gov.au/food-beverages/digitalmanufacturing-shoestring Enhancing product quality through industry led research: www.youtube.com/watch?v=U04rkyYcCeU