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APC fee for service chargeStone fruit effective from 1 November 2009Type of fruit
All fresh stone fruit (apricots, cherries, loquats,
nectarines, peaches and plums)
Processing fruit
aboutStonefruit WA is the industry body representing stone fruit growers in Western Australia. The Stonefruit WA Sub-committee consists of growers from across the growing regions who contribute to initiatives to grow the WA stone fruit industry.newsFor any future enquiries or to subscribe to the WA Stonefruit newsletter, please email susan.crossley@perthnrm.comFOLLOW WA STONEFRUIT@wastonefruit @WeLoveWAStonefruit
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The broad horticulture sector is an exciting one to be working in.BY SHAY CROUCH
My first task working with stone fruit growers was organising the Perth NRM 10x30m marquee at the 2015 Karragullen Field Day, not knowing that this was the start of seven years in the industry.
Since then, I only got further involved, delivering a range of projects, activities and events, which brought value to growers and their industry. I am now moving on from Perth NRM and therefore the work I have been doing with stone fruit industry.

I would like to thank you all for being so welcoming and polite to me as I looked to learn as much as I could about the stone fruit industry, and how I could work with the committee to make it that little bit better for all.

Some of my greatest memories are having cups of tea in your crib rooms, getting a tour of the orchard in the buggy, or getting phone calls from you when you could see a better way to move forward. I have always felt well supported by you as growers, through your attendance at events (even when you were busy) and know this support will continue for Susan.

The partnership between Perth NRM and the stone fruit industry remains strong, and I am confident that Susan will do a fantastic job carrying the baton for you.

The broad horticulture sector is an exciting one to be working in, with many opportunities to work collaboratively as you battle big issues around labour, biosecurity and major chains drive for lower prices.

The effects of current climatic conditions and the pandemic is making consumers more aware of their food and how it is produced, though rising inflation may affect how much people can act upon these new learnings. I hope the sector can utilise the opportunities that might come from this.

Thank you for everything you do; it has been a pleasure working with you all. I will remain working in the agricultural sector and hope to see you around. Meanwhile, if you do want to chat about things, my mobile number won’t be changing.