CONTENTS22 30 38 SPRING 2023 ■ VOL.58 NO.03 UPFRONT 04 CEO report 07 President’s report 08 Discuss Three professionals solve a big industry issue. 12 News Latest updates for our industry this season. 16 Roadtest Zeke Zalsman on his solar heat pump system. FEATURES 18 What Consumers Want Latest research from Hort Innovation on consumers and vegetables. 22 Show Me the Profits Meet the new project lead on the BHBC Program and learn what it can do for you. 26 Energy Expenditure Results from our feasibility studies into heat pumps in greenhouses. GROWER 30 Fast Pickings Vange Panagiotidis of P&A Pan in Carabooda. 34 Crate Expectations We salute one of our founding fathers: Roy Schultz. 38 Spring is in the Soil We serve up artichokes, celery, leeks and carrots. BUSINESS 44 Ready Set WAHU What to be excited about at the next WA Horticulture Update event. 46 Pest Management What you need to know about the chilli thrip. 50 Opinion Manus Stockdale on flavour expectations and provenance. 52 Sustainability We talk industry sustainability with the outgoing lead of the BHBC Program Bryn Edwards. 54 Compliance Donna Mogg of Fair Farms on consultation. 56 Biosecurity Inside our bio-roadshow and video series release. 58 Quality Assurance Joel Dinsdale on HARPS changes. 60 Vietnamese Translation biosecurity. POMEWEST 54 Update 65 She’ll be Apples Celebrating the leading women in pome. 68 Researcher Roadshow PIPS3 hits the road on a national tour. 70 Quality Counts Apple maturity testing is all about taste. WA CITRUS 72 Update 74 Great Provenance Traceability moves into the citrus industry. 76 Biosecurity The latest information you need to know on staying safe. STONEFRUIT WA 80 Update 82 World of Opportunity What’s happening in export. PERMITS 84 Minor-use permits listing. Cover Zeke Zalsman of Zaldeesh Farms, p16 and p26. Photography Frances Andrijich