MICROBIAL testing verifies
that any pathogens detected
are below acceptable limits for
safe consumption.
Total Quality Assurance
Total Quality Assurance Systems (TQAS) has been operating without any serious disruption to services. Our food safety activities have been recognised as an essential service to the food industry.

Our office remains open for sample drop-off between 5am and 11am. Alternatively, contact our office to arrange drop off or pick up points and
transport options.

Collections of horticultural samples for lab testing and maturity testing from Market City tenancies have continued on a daily basis. Laboratory testing businesses are also classified as essential services and we have not had any significant disruptions or delays to date.

Our staff are continuing to conduct Quality Assurance site inspections, pre audit reviews and consultation sessions upon request.

We are meeting the social distancing requirements outlined by the state and federal governments and have been helping others to include compliance in their business continuity planning.

Travel is being kept to a minimum, but essential visits within social distancing controls can be arranged by prior appointment.
We are committed to providing full client services whilst keeping everyone safe. COMMONLY required tests for fresh food items to meet the minimum testing requirements are AT3, MB3 and AM4