In the supply chainDuring the industry tour, Terry from Ivankovich Farms explained the packing line for carrots and their new piece of technology at the end of the packing line.This stacks and wraps boxes/cartons saving man hours, reducing workplace health and safety issues and ensuring a faster throughput for the shed.Queensland fruit flyThis year the wholesale markets was within the Quarantine area for the Coolbellup outbreak of Queensland fruit fly. The Quarantine Area Notice ended on Monday May 24, meaning all restrictions for the movement and management of fruit have been removed. This outbreak highlighted the impact on the supply chain and growers, and was raised as an agenda item for discussing future preparedness within the supply chain at the Horticulture Biosecurity Advisory Council.MORE INFORMATIONTo discuss your labour needs please contact Kit Sainsbury, 0477 477 044 or email Qfly Quarantine Area Notice ended on Monday May 24.