Transitioning your farm to the latest Freshcare Food Safety and Quality StandardEdition 4.2BY JOEL DINSDALE QUALITY ASSURANCE COORDINATOR, VEGETABLESWAThere has been a sixmonth transition period of all existing participants in Freshcare onfarm food safety and quality (FSQ) program to update to the latest edition of the Standard, FSQ4.2.From May 3, 2021, audits for growers and grower-packers should be undertaken to the FSQ4.2 Standard.Freshcare has advised that due to a number of extraordinary events and circumstances that may have impacted businesses over the past six months, some businesses may not be appropriately prepared for transition to the FSQ4.2 Standard.From May 3, 2021, audits should be undertaken to the FSQ4.2 Standard.To assist those affected, Freshcare has provided guidance to Certification Bodies to allow currently certified businesses impacted by extenuating circumstances to progress their certification audit against FSQ4.1 (between May and July 2021, if required).f THE Freshcare Food Safety and Quality Standard, Freshcare rules, fact sheets and some of the forms have been revised as part of the release of FSQ4.2.If you are a business that has been impacted by events or circumstances over the past six months and are not fully prepared for an audit to FSQ4.2; or have lost crop, Freshcare urge you to contact your certification body as soon as possible to discuss options for your upcoming audit. Certification body contact details can be found on the Freshcare website.What’s new in Freshcare’s FSQ4.2?The Freshcare Food Safety and Quality Standard, Freshcare rules, fact sheets and some of the forms (including examples) have been revised as part of the release of FSQ4.2.The specific changes and updates are printed in italics in the FSQ4.2 standard to help you identify changes.The best way to update to what’s new in the Freshcare FSQ4.2 is to access the resources that have been made freely available to support the transition process for existing participants. These resources can be downloaded from: fsq4-2 Additional FSQ4.2 resources including worked examples and templates for record keeping can be downloaded from your FreshcareOnline user access. If you have any questions regarding the transition to FSQ4.2, or require assistance accessing resources, please contact 1300 853 508 or Once you have accessed all the resources, the best way to ensure you have adjusted you program and updated all areas as required, is to conduct an internal audit to the FSQ4.2 Standard. There is huge value in spending the time to undertake an internal audit of your full program to help you identify what needs to be updated and whether you are prepared for your external audit.If you’ve obtained the resources, have attempted an internal audit, and are still feeling underprepared or unsure you’ve got everything updated, then do yourself a favour and seek out a training session or further support — as there’s tailored resources there to help you.Training or an update session can provide personalised assistance to build the program to the needs of your business, helping you to create efficiencies in processes and documentation, creating a tailored understanding and greater confidence for audit preparedness.Training is proven to enhance knowledge, empower businesses and support them towards ongoing certification. And you’re in luck as we’re here to help!MORE INFORMATIONWant to start a dialogue to better understand your QA needs? Contact Joel Dinsdale for support and/or training at