WA CITRUS pest managementGet QflyREADYUnderstanding and preparing for a Qfly outbreak is crucial to your business continuity.Words Helen Newman, WA Citrus biosecurity officerTHE Queensland Fruit Fly (Qfly) has popped up again in WA, this time in the metropolitan suburb of Bayswater. While no flies have been detected in farming areas, this incident has had a significant impact on the state’s table grape industry in the Swan Valley. This location is within 15km of the detection and therefore inside the Export Assurance Zone.There are no commercial citrus growers within this zone. Impacted table grape growers are required to treat all fruit with methyl bromide or cold treatment before it is sold. They are only able sell fruit to domestic and non-protocol export markets until the Quarantine Area is removed. They must also transport and store fruit in ‘secure conditions’ and notify DPIRD within 24 hours of moving fruit.A Qfly outbreak within 15km of your operations could affect your business by changing how your fruit must be managed and moved. The Qfly surveillance and trapping network is present throughout the Perth metro and in regional growing areas around WA, so it’s possible that there may be a detection that impacts you in the future.Here are some tips on how you can prepare your business, so it is ready for a Qfly outbreak:• Stay aware of the current Bayswater Qfly outbreak and check the Qfly update webpage (agric.wa.gov.au/qflyupdates).• Understand what movement restrictions would apply to your business. Visit the Advice for Growers (agric.wa.gov.au/advice-growers-qfly-exportassurance-zone) to learn how to treat and move restricted fruit, and plan what you would do if your business were affected. Treatment options include fumigation with methyl bromide or cold treatment*.• Work with industry representatives or growers in your area to identify local treatment facilities or opportunities to work together to reduce treatment costs and impacts.

MORE INFORMATIONVisit agric.wa.gov.au/emergency-response-biosecurityquarantinequeensland-fruit-fly-qflyupdates. *For on-farm cold treatment advice, visit agriculture.gov.au/sites/default/files/sitecollectiondocuments/biosecurity/export/plants-plant-products/plant-exports-manual/resources/australian-phytosanitary-treatment-cold.pdf.