WA CITRUS report



Our regional forum and industry strategy launch kept us busy, says WA Citrus chair Joseph Ling.

FOR what is usually a relatively quiet time, the past few months have been busy with events including our regional forum, which was hosted by Citrus Australia; launching our industry strategy; and the Minister for Agriculture and Food, Small Business and Forestry, the Hon. Jackie Jarvis, joining our promotional event.
Our fresh Industry Strategic Plan has five clear strategies to achieve this vision by 2030. The details are now available on the WAC website.
In late April, Citrus Australia CEO Nathan Hancock, GM David Daniels and national biosecurity manager Jessica Lye gave industry members and the WA Citrus committee an update on markets, biosecurity, labour and production at Joondalup Club Resort.
The biosecurity response to the outbreak of Queensland fruit fly (Qfly) in Bassendean is likely to continue into 2023.
WA citrus growers and their market agents should monitor this situation for any changes to the boundary of the quarantine area.
Over the past month many of us were also learning to identify other diseases and their management on a field walk in Neerabup with guest Dr Nerida Donovan.
See our story ‘Disease Management’ in regards to this from p76.
Our meeting with the Minister in February was followed by her joining us to launch the WA citrus season at Woolworths in late May. This was a collaborative initiative that aligned with our strategic plan and demonstrated that the combined supply of WA oranges can supply West Australia households.
Lastly, we welcome new member Graham Tanner to the APC citrus subcommittee. Graham and Katarina are new growers trading as Bindoon Fresh from their . property in Bindoon. We eagerly anticipate the new perspective and insights he will bring to the industry.
“ Our fresh Industry Stragetic Plan has five clear strategies 
Please contact myself or Bronwyn. I wish you all the best for the season.