WA POTATOES school programSeeds forSCHOOLSEducating students on the growing, health benefits and taste of potatoes.Words Georgia ThomasWA Potatoes has kicked-off another ‘Seed for Schools’ program across the whole of Western Australia. In early May, 775 educational packs were sent out to almost 400 schools, where an estimated 21,000 children will find out more about the humble spud.The program continues to give young children the chance to learn about how potatoes grow, the varieties and health benefits of potatoes and, of course, the joy of eating them.The variety being grown this year is Levantina, which is a waxy spud (not floury) with a cream to yellow flesh white/cream skin. It is a good multi-purpose potato and makes reasonable chips and is good for baking, boiling and the microwave. Thank you to Colin Ayres for arranging the seed for the program. WA Potatoes also thanks the team at Eco Growth for supplying each pack with a sachet of fertiliser.“ ... children... learn about how potatoes grow, the varieties and health benefits We have created updated growing packs for our participating schools (see What’s in the Pack) and teachers can go to our website to download educational resources featuring loads of great activities for various ages. Plus, we have colouring sheets and more at thegoodcarb.com.au/seed-forschools/resources. FOR MORE INFORMATIONContact Morena Perdec at morena@wapotatoes.com.au.

What’s in the PackWe have put together some great materials this year, including an updated Guidebook, new giveaways and additional online resources. Each pack includes the following:• Updated guidebook• Posters (2)• Tea towel or apron• Planting instructions• Eco Growth fertiliser sachet• Seed potatoesTeacher Maria from Clontarf Aboriginal College sent in photos of her students planting the potatoes with the following comment: “Thank you so much for the potato-growing kit. Last week, the Year 10 boys prepared the garden bed by turning it over with new fresh soil and fertilising it. Today, the Year 10 girls planted the potatoes. Now for sunshine and rain!”