We Celebrate 75 YEARSvegetablesWA has been
supporting and advocating for the
vegetables industry since 1948.
IT’S an interesting time in our horticulture history as we pause to reflect on those early years of brute-strength production to where we are heading with the increase in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic research and development.Back when vegetablesWA first formed, it was a vastly different time – people were using a mix of tractors and horses, vegetables growers were largely working their crops through sheer physical strength and determination, and chemical fertilisers and pesticides were just becoming widely available for the first time.Fast-forward to 2023 and the industry appears to be returning to a more natural, even organic, management of soils, pests and diseases. Meanwhile, we are reaching eagerly out into the future to the benefits that AI and robotics will bring to our work processes and crop management.We are faced with biosecurity issues and processes, we have increased Work Health and Safety rules, evolving Industrial Relations legislation and, of course, there are the cultural considerations for our land, as seen in the latest update to the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2021. And we can talk about compliance...We could be forgiven for reminiscing of a simpler time. However, times have changed, the world has become more connected and fruit and vegetables are big business.To celebrate this milestone in WA Grower, we will be rolling out a series of stories, from our industry’s founding fathers (read about Tom Price, whose family has worked his land since 1899) to future casting. Just look for our 75 Years logo.We will also be rolling out a series of events in spring, so keep an eye out in this publication and our weekly e-newsletter.