AUSVEG Science and
Extension team 
visits the westFIELD demonstration of the integration of biofumigation crop into soil at the SoilWealth demonstration site in Manjimup.
BY MICHAEL BARTHOLOMEW REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT OFFICER, VEGETABLESWAFor the first time since the closure of the state borders and the mess that was COVID-19, AUSVEG representatives from the Science and Extension team have visited Western Australia, spending two intensive weeks meeting up with growers and industry.

During this time, growers were provided with updates about Serpentine Leafminer, American Serpentine Leafminer and Fall Armyworm. AUSVEG was also able to return to the east coast with a plethora of feedback from WA growers about the unique challenges we face here in the west.

The two-week visit served as a perfect opportunity to meet growers at the Manjimup SoilWealth field walk and the Donnybrook Long Table Lunch.

The AUSVEG National Manager for Engagement and Extension Zarmeen Hassan and AUSVEG VegNET Project Coordinator Cherry Emerick followed me through a journey spanning over 2000km, visiting growers in each growing region between Lancelin and Manjimup.

To me, this visit was all about connecting growers with their industry representatives outside of our state. AUSVEG do excellent work representing Australian vegetable growers and delivering support when challenges like exotic Leafminers arise.Visiting growers in each growing region between Lancelin and Manjimup.Being able to connect growers to this support on a personal level has been a challenge since COVID-19 but as a result, the relationships, feedback, and context gained from such a visit ultimately improve the support that WA receives.

A huge thank you to the growers who took the time out of their busy schedules to meet with the AUSVEG representatives, hear about new biosecurity concerns and provide their feedback about what they would like to see in the future.
JOE Castro of Castro Farms with AUSVEG’s Zarmeen Hassan.Connecting growers with their industry representatives outside of the state.MORE INFORMATION Please contact Michael Bartholomew on 0427 373 037 or michael.bartholomew@