RAISING awareness about the importance of buying local to support WA growers.The Donnybrook Food and Wine Festival Long Table LunchBY BENJAMIN HAMILTON1AND NARDIA STACY 2
A fantastic networking opportunity for locals and industry representatives.vegetablesWA Team at the Donnybrook Long Table Lunch. vegetablesWA President Dan Kuzmicich addressing the attendees of the event. On Saturday, October 1, industry members and regional representatives gathered from around the state to celebrate the Donnybrook Food and Wine Festival Long Table Lunch. Fruit, wine, vegetables and locally-butchered meat adorned the shed-long tables as the event showcased the region’s incredible produce and served as a fantastic networking opportunity for locals and industry representatives from around the state.

Pomewest Executive Manager Nardia Stacy and vegetablesWA President Dan Kuzmicich addressed the audience to promote their organisations and raise awareness about the importance of selecting local and supporting local growers. Stories crafted through the successful WA apple breeding program and the commitment the growers show by providing the best quality and nutritious produce to consumers.

Pomewest Executive Manager Nardia Stacy said there was a massive turnout of industry members from Pomewest and vegetablesWA’s Committees and staff.

This turnout is an excellent example of collaboration between industries supporting the regional growing areas.

"Pomewest Chair Jason Jarvis, Committee member Sam Licciardello, and Project manager Susie Murphy-White, along with vegetablesWA president Dan Kuzmicich, Committee member Peter Ivankovich, Chief Executive Officer Stephen Brown and Regional Development Officer Michael Bartholomew, were all in attendance of the Donnybrook Long Table Lunch,” she said.

“It is fantastic to see many industry representatives come together to celebrate the region’s wonderful produce.”

Raising awareness about the importance of selecting local to support WA growers.vegetablesWA Chief Executive Officer Stephen Brown said: “vegetablesWA is glad to have partaken in such a great event. Between the Committee and staff members, we all had a fantastic time supporting the local promotion and eating delicious, fresh produce. vegetablesWA will be back next year.

“As a sponsor of the Donnybrook Long Table Lunch, vegetablesWA staff members, along with members from our National Body, AUSVEG, and our committee members, thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon at this amazing event. Supporting the local community whilst enjoying an afternoon of amazing local foods, beverages and entertainment. We all look forward to the 2023 event and an opportunity to once again liaise with members, producers and industry participants,” he said.

Pomewest and vegetablesWA were proud to be gold sponsors of the event and were glad to partake in such a successful event.

ACKNOWLWDGEMENTS We want to thank Orchard 1 Sixty and the Licciardello Family for hosting the event in their decorated pack shed and pristine orchard.

vegetablesWA, AUSVEG and Pomewest teams.