From the industryBY JOSEPH LING CHAIR, WA CITRUSFROST fans for dealing with spring frosts.Two days of visits to northern and southern orchards was a welcome distraction before the winter season got started. This year we were joined by other horticultural industry representatives to explore common interests.It was also an opportunity to welcome new faces in the industry, Charl de Fin, orchard manager at Moora Citrus; Wayne Freeborn, orchard manager at Sandgroper Fruit; and Craig, Peta and Ronan Hogarth from the South West. A very big thank you to the hosts of the visits and the excellent speakers.The work behind the scenes for securing labour has been ongoing. WA Citrus thanked Melissa Denning for her support in securing Seasonal Workers for the 2021 season.Kit Sainsbury is continuing in the Labour Scheme Facilitator role to assist horticulture growers find suitable labour through the Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP) and Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS) for the WA horticulture industry. The role is facilitated by vegetablesWA with State government funding. Citrus Australia is also collating information around the piece rates discussion that is going on nationally.The other uncertainty for the season is export markets for mandarin and Navel oranges. The ongoing risks of either labour availability and markets mean risk management and business continuity plans are still as important as ever.ELBE Coetsee, Industry Development OfficerLooking forward, growers will meet our new Industry Development Officer, who commenced in early June. Elbe Coetsee is working part-time and will be focussing on industry communication and some research, supporting Kevin and Bronwyn. Elbe has experience in communications and industry with grains, as well as experience in research in citrus. Please introduce yourselves and make Elbe feel welcome if you come across her.Thanks again to hosts of the citrus tour.A reminder to stay connected during these unprecedented times.MORE INFORMATIONContact Joseph Ling on 0417 828 238.