From the industryAll the best for the festive season!BY JOSEPH LING CHAIR, WA CITRUSHeading into summer is a great time to look back on the season and see if there is anything you want to do differently for next season.

Then there’s also time for catching up on article, podcast or video that you didn’t get around to opening during the busyness of the season, on the latest technology, trends or just hobbies! Helen has provided a link to some updated biosecurity resources and there are also videos and podcasts on a range of citrus topics on the NSWDPI and Citrus Australia websites, to name a few.

You may have noticed your inbox has gone a bit quiet of Citrus eNews with our loss of Kate Cox. The committee said farewell to Kate at their September meeting and are looking at options to provide administration and communication services. In the meantime, Bronwyn is keeping an eye on news items that can’t wait until the next magazine. It is good to see an increase in contacts again from ‘backpackers’ that are in WA.

The Committee also said goodbye to Ingrid Behr from the Agricultural Produce Commission. Ingrid provided exceptional guidance to the committee and staff on governance of the fee for service and industry matters. Catherine O’Keeffe, who was acting in the position while Ingrid was on leave, has had her contract extended for another 12 months. We look forward to working with Catherine.

Horticulture industry representatives, coordinated by Bronwyn, have met a few times to talk about workforce issues and the benefits of a coordinated effort and in collaboration with DPIRD. Other industry consultations with industry are on the review of the Biosecurity Agriculture Management Act, the independent enquiry on workplace health and safety in agriculture in WA and the industry priorities for the national Drought and Innovation Fund.

More detail about exciting research results on the quality of lemons and the integrated pest and disease management workshops are also in this edition.

Congratulations to Northern Valley Packers on the first container of navels to Thailand.

We are looking forward to the outcomes of interviews in November as part of our industry strategy review. Our refreshed strategy will guide our future investment of the citrus fee for service.

Please contact myself or one of the WA Citrus officers if you would like more information on any topic.

All the best for the summer holiday and festive season.

MORE INFORMATION Contact Joseph Ling on 0417 828 238.