Reducing paperwork and increasing efficiencies

TRACMAP has a cloud-based job management system and in-cab GPS display unit.
The decision to go paperless by 2022 for one business was driven by the need for timely information, a lack of room for record storage, and having multiple sites between which records were created, processed and stored.
Using online cloud-based software, based on Google forms for HR, including timesheets, audit documents from the orchard and shed and induction documentation. The online system complements face-to-face inductions at the orchard.
It is estimated that changes led to the reduction in paper usage by about 95 per cent.
Efficiencies in time (labour), about 12 hours per new employee; increased data integrity due to fewer doubles ups in data handling and more real-time data for greater efficiencies.
TracMap is used by the spray team to save time, increase accuracy, improve OH&S and for reporting. It has a cloudbased job management system and in-cab GPS display unit. The system has gone from paper-based diagrams and handwritten notes, that then also needed to be entered into the computer, to a digital based job description that includes GPS location, as well as tracking and reporting for OH&S and QA records.