the new international trademark
for the ANABP 01A variety

launched at Asia Fruit Logistica 2022

INTERNATIONALdemand for the ANABP 01 Avariety is growing exponentially.
The new name Soluna™ represents the moon and the sun.
The new name represents the moon and the sun, reflecting the apple’s striking dark skin and creamy yet crisp, white flesh.

Licenced commercialisation managers Fruit West Co-operative and marketers WA Farm Direct were proud to launch Soluna™ at this premium fresh produce global event and on the worldwide stage on 2 November. Re-introducing to the world the attributes and originality of this truly wonderful Australian apple.

With this announcement, Australian ANABP 01Agrowers now can enter more export markets, that before were not possible under the Bravo ®apple brand, such as Europe and the Americas.

International demand for the ANABP 01Avariety is growing exponentially with a 250 per cent increase in exports in 2022 to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and the United Arab Emirates.

Chair of the Fruit West Co-operative Ann Lyster is excited: “This announcement literally brings a world of opportunity to Australian ANABP 01Agrowers, and as varietal managers we are very excited to start this journey with Soluna™”.

This next step opens the door for the apple variety to be grown in other countries and its fruit sold under the Soluna™ brand, building supply and scale opportunities to capture major markets.

WA growers are well placed to capitalise on this opportunity with the returns invested back into WA horticulture research, like the National Apple Breeding Program, at the State’s Manjimup Research Station.

To develop and execute this global strategy, TopStar, [a co-venture arrangement between Starfruits (France) and TopFruit (South Africa)], will work with the Australian commercial license holder Fruit West and marketer WA Farm Direct.

This is the natural progression for this WA-owned apple, bred by the late John Cripps and having the same pedigree as the iconic Pink Lady apple, with its own desirable qualities to capture a whole new following of fruit lovers. The success of these apples is testament to the work of WA researchers and the National Apple Breeding Program at the Manjimup Research Station, which continues to create high quality, unique and delicious varieties for consumers around the world to enjoy.

ANABP 01A growers Harvey Giblett, Newton Orchards and Johnny Radevski, Radevski Orchards.
REBECCA Blackman showcasing the benefits of Soluna™ at Asia Fruit Logistica.

From 2–4 November 2022, among hundreds of exhibitors from 42 countries across the globe, including 18 national and group pavilions, Asia Fruit Logistica allowed us to speak to our current customers and make important connections with new ones after a 2 year break due to COVID-19. We were delighted to have ANABP 01Agrowers; Harvey Giblett, Newton Orchards and Johnny Radevski, Radevski Orchards join the team in Bangkok to launch the new brand.

On 3 November the Soluna™ Australian team with Austrade and APAL in the Australia Pavilion, showcased the benefits of Soluna™ via a cooking demonstration. Hort Innovation together with the Australian Food and Wine Collaboration Group delivered the ‘Taste the Wonders of Australia’ event, showcasing Australia’s finest produce with local celebrity chef, Ksynn Detcharoen, of Bangkok Private Chef Dining and MasterChef Thailand. Soluna™ featured in the cooking demonstration showcasing a smoothie, salad and appetiser.

Exporting to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and United Arab Emirates.


If you are interested in becoming an ANABP 01Agrower and would like to see firsthand how an exciting and innovative apple is taking over the world, please attend Western Australian Apple Variety and Innovation Conference 28–31 March 2023. More details with ticket information will be released shortly.
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