WA Citrus on tourBY BRONWYN WALSH INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT MANAGER (IDM)THE majority of WA production was represented by growers and packers from Manjimup to west Midland.Instead of heading to the East Coast this year, at least 26 industry members joined a tour in Western Australia (WA), visiting orchards in the north and the south over two days.The majority of WA production was represented by growers and packers from Manjimup to west Midland. Also present were producers and representatives of avocado, potatoes, mangoes, table grapes and vineyards. Participants indicated they were satisfied with the day and learned something that would improve their business. The mix of field and shed presentations accompanied by open discussion were popular and provided a variety of topics and interest (see Table 1).The event also provided the opportunity to identify topics and format for future industry days.They included:Technical/focussed learning about sap flow and dendrometers, advanced irrigation and best management practices for citrus, including pruning, agronomy fundamentals, spray days and equipment implementation, disease management, sustainability;More specifics on lemons and pack standard;WHS going to be an issue in future so more information is required. Maybe some tips/standard tools that growers can use;Meaningful data capturing, templates, Excel etc;Packing/packaging, supermarket presentations, export opportunities and marketing, where and how fruit is sold;Farm visits to learn more, Kununurra trip or 2PH, Queensland;Different field days focussing on individual enterprises.TABLE 1. TOUR PRESENTATIONSThere is also a hunger for more. More time at field walks, more spread across industries, more about specific industries, more days and opportunities to learn from each other.MORE INFORMATIONIf you’re interested in these or other topics, would like to share something you’ve learned, or host a visit as part of an improvement group or industry day, please let Bronwyn know.Contact Bronwyn on 0400 873 875 or email industrymanager@wacitrus.com.au.