NEW WA Potatoes Industry Biosecurity Plan.WA PotatoesChief Executive Officer’s ReportBY SIMON MOLTONI CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, POTATO GROWERS ASSOCIATIONSummer is upon us. It has been a mild spring but that will soon be forgotten as growers get into the swing of the irrigation season. On the east coast things are very different.

La Niña remains for another season and the rain continues to fall. Crop losses and delayed plantings are causing significant problems for growers of all vegetable crops. This compounds existing production and supply chain issues that will continue into the new year.

Major international crisis, well beyond our control, are the factors affecting profitability. War in Ukraine has forced energy and fertiliser costs to new highs. At the same time we see Chinese manufacturing significantly compromised by ongoing COVID lockdowns. Given that there is unlikely to be a short-term resolution to these situations, we will not see any reduction in input costs for the short to medium term. The PGA is consulting with merchants and growers with the aim of developing an Input Cost Index. This will be a tool which can be used to impartially demonstrate changes in production costs to help in the price negotiation process. If you are contacted to participate please do so. All individual data will remain private. The aim will be to develop a .template that is user friendly for annual use. Thank you to those who have helped already.

The Biosecurity and Agricultural Management (BAM) act is under review. Potential changes could have significant outcomes both positive or negative. The PGA is involved in this review process and will seek to achieve best possible outcomes for our members.

Georgia has recently completed an Industry Biosecurity Plan. Keep an eye on your inbox for updates and please give us any feedback.

Horticulture House renovations are complete. We will be having our opening/Christmas party after our December 9 Committee of Management meeting. Hope to see you there!

We are pleased to welcome Brad Ryan as our new COM member. As a younger grower we look forward to the perspective and energy that he will bring to the team. A big thank you to Glen Ryan for his commitment to the industry during his time on the Committee.

Thanks to Morena and Georgia; above and beyond as usual.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

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